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Natural Home Remedy Alma & Onion Hair Fall Treatment Home

Natural Home Remedy Alma & Onion Hair Fall Treatment Home

Hello everyone!!!

Today I am sharing a very easy effective Home remedy,  Hair fall Treatment with natural ways using  2 ingredients Amla and Onion. this both and each Onion and Amla facilitate in reducing hair fall and additionally aid in the regrowth of hair. This natural treatment is completely natural also as a safe methodology to prevent hair fall, let check here henna hair pack 

This high Sulphur content within this onions helps in increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles and additionally helps in making them. Its anti-bacterial properties of onion juice help in clearing the scalp infections caused by microorganisms and fungi. Onions additionally open up pores that are blocked and scale back inflammations.

Amla is wealthy in powerful inhibitor vitamin C that helps in reducing hair breakage and additionally helps keep our hair lustrous and glossy. Amla acts as a natural conditioner and additionally helps in preventing greying,


These thing  required for making homemade Amla & Onion Hair Fall treatment:



Raw  Amla/Indian gooseberry powder 2 raw 

Onion: 1

1 cup/glass of water

Method of Preparation:

In a bowl add 1 cup/glass of water and 3 tsp. of Raw Amla /Indian Gooseberry juices  and onion juices  mixed well

How Usage: combined both mixtures and apply on your scalp and hair, leave it for 1to To hours, and then wash. these juices who are suffering from hair fall should try this remedy twice a week for 2-3 months for a visible reduction in the hair fall,


This  natural home remedy was very simple & quick, home remedy, gives a very effective solution to hair, fall problems, reducing dandruff, itching,

this home  remedy  helps solve the scalps issues, it is a very easy, simple preparation method,

this home remedy was suggested by  my mother, trying  this remedy, few weeks,

This is one of the best and natural Home Remedy  for Hair Fall Treatment


if Do you like the home-remedy  Amla & Onion Hair Fall Treatment?


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