Parabens are the most widely used common category of preservatives used in cosmetics and hair care products. and Compared to other, safer alerts they are cheaper and easily available it is mimic antimicrobial agents in plants it using preservative purpose. it is creating so many health issues it is one of the harsh chemicals of our body in these chemicals usually creating very damaged hair and roots because it is one of cheaper preservative chemicals, If you are buying hair care products like almond oil argan oil for your hair, make sure give the protection your hair, To know more about the danger Parabens cause to hair, read on. then now days so many products are available in parabens free shampoos and we are always aware of harmful chemicals because it is creating so many problems Other dangerous ingredients in common hair products the pores. this one of major cause hair problems, Hair products also contain mineral oil, which contains carcinogens and clogs

sulfate is the cause irritation like redness, dryness, and itching that,s where the bad reputation come in your hair, sulfate is cheap detergent there found in most commercial shampoos products of these chemicals detergent is sodium lauryl, sulfate and this Laureth sulfate, which can be mostly found in your household cleansing products basically washing your hair, then the same ingredients that clean your clothes, this is harsh full chemical, no needless to say how to effecting, these chemicals are your hair,   Here we have listed  7 Best sulfate and paraben Free shampoo India 2020

Here we have listed  7 Best sulfate and paraben Free shampoo India 2020

1 Mama earth happy shampoo natural protein hair shampoo 200Ml 


This Mama earth brings to you this hair shampoo which made from extracts of biotin, horse, chestnut bhringraj and amal to give the nourish and give the protection of your hair, the extracts like biotin effectively slows down any for hair issues, biotin helps to increase the elasticity of the hair and prevents of the dryness

MRP 349


  • It is gently cleansing
  • It repairs damaged hair and split ends 
  • no harsh chemicals
  • give the nourishments from root to tip

2 Wow apple cider vinegar no parabens sulfate shampoo 300 ml


This is a wow it is one of the organics apple cider vinegar gentle and natural cleanser, it detox formula, stressed tresses remove buildups, it gives shine and smoothness, made, with natural apple, cider vinegar, it has enhanced with pure apple extract, Ecocert certified bioactive hair care contains it as no sulfate or no paraben it used everyday cleansing your hair 

MRP 499


  • it helps reduced dryness of scalp
  • it has antibacterial properties reduced fungal of dandruff

3  Augment red onion hair shampoo 250 ml


Augment red onion hair shampoos it is bio Active hair shampoos it is enriched with red onion extracts and gives the complete hair treatment for all hair related problems, it is loaded with natural ingredients, which nourishes your hair and fight all hair problems, it is cure-all damaged hair give the strengthen, nourish and give fortify your hair it gives the continuous using shampoo it gives thicker your hair, it such as using 27 ingredients to promote your hair growth 

it is a  enriched with neem oil and onion extracts for the ulmate hair repair

MRP  799 


  • 100% sulfate and paraben-free other form harsh chemicals 
  • it suitable for use for both men and woman it is suitable for all types of hair and
  • it is a combination of onion and anti-fungal properties
  • it is repair damaged hair

4 Plum olive and macadamia healthy hydration shampoo, green 300 ml


It is happy hair, days, finally a sulfate-free formula, that is gently and lathers up nicely and leaves hair feeling soft, and give the hydrated and nourishing hair, the cleanser is perfectly suited for all types hair it is 100% vegan and cruelty – free as always! All plum packaging 100% recyclable

 once you have used up all the goodness in your plum bottle,

MRP 675 


  • It ultra-mild, sulfate-free cleansing
  • nourishment of scalp
  • macadamia oil to help tame hair frizz

5  St botanica biotin and collagen volumizing hair shampoo 300ml


This biotin b- complex shampoo is a scientifically formulated growth promoting shampoo it has 16 most essential nutrient-rich botanical such as hydrolyzed essential oil biotin. lemon, essential oil, silk protein vitamin B5, Aloe vera extracts oat extract, sunflower seed cold-pressed oil, virgin golden, jojoba clod pressed oil, carrot seed extract tomato seed extract and other so many ingredients are used

MRP 599 


  • blend and hydrolyzed collagen, lavender oil, lemon oil
  • it helps your hair thicken and texturize your hair
  • it gives good volumizing your hair

6  The Soul Tree Anti-Dandruff Shampoo With Aloe & Cleansing Lemon Peel 250 ml

This is a soul tree anti-dandruff shampoo , it is 100% chemical-free shampoos and with infused as an aloe vera extract and lemon peel, it gives visible result on your scalp problems,

MRP 525


  • This a 100% ayurvedic shampoo
  • It is a Vegetarian product
  • This product No unwanted chemicals and additives
  • It gives you visible results in 2-3 washes itself

7 boutique bio green apple fresh daily purifying shampoo and conditioner 190m


This refreshing formula is blended with pure green apple extract, sea algae, and Centella, to purify and nourish of scalp and hair using with natural minerals and proteins, special balanced p/h formula is gently it used every day, it leaves hair refreshed and natural body of shines;

MRP 159


  • it gives anti-oxidative properties hair
  • it uses bothe mand woman
  • it excellent detoxifiers and apple